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GridGuard Pipe Protection

GridGuard Pipe Protection


GRID-GUARD™ is an extruded polyethylene mesh material, which acts as a shield that safely protects coated piping in a number of construction and site applications. GRID-GUARD™ offers logical solutions to the problems of maintaining pipe safety and long-term integrity while trenching, laying pipe and backfilling. GRID-GUARD™ provides solutions to problems that arise during the installation of coated metallic pipes. Its durable polyethylene mesh is easy to install; yet its flat surface won’t damage soft coatings around the pipe. Weighing less than one-quarter pound per square foot, it is easy to cut and shape and maintains its flexibility even at lower temperatures.

Grid Guard


  • Protects pipe coating during backfilling.
  • Safeguards coatings in the event of soil shifting.
  • Forms a barrier against rocks or other sharp objects when piping is being laid in trenches.
  • Flexible, relatively lightweight, and easy to install.
  • Maintains flexibility even at lower temperatures.
  • Durable without any loss in cushioning characteristics.
  • No dielectric properties to block cathodic protection.


PROTECTION is provided to pipe coatings in any number of in-the-field situations: for example, from rocks or other sharp materials in the trench, when materials are being backfilled into the trench, and during times when re-excavation is required.

LIGHT WEIGHT affords relatively easy movement around the site and makes it easy to wrap around pipes. An entire roll weighs only 80 lbs.

FLEXIBILITY makes this material easy to work with even in lower temperatures and wet weather conditions, with no loss in its excellent cushioning characteristics.

Product Recommendation

Standard recommendations. Please contact a JDR representative for the product to meet specific requirements:

Grid Guard


Grid Guard Plus




Product Brochure

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AVAILABLE through a network of distributors, GRID-GUARD is manufactured in rolls 4, 5 and 6 feet wide by 100 feet long. Custom lengths are available by arrangement with JDR Enterprises.


NES evaluated.

Report No. ESR-1901

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